Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards

Led By: Roni Edwards

Vision & Mission

The annual Pamodzi Inspirational Women Awards celebrates Portsmouth-based individuals who make a positive impact within their communities, whatever context that may be in.

Held in conjunction with International Women’s Day, The Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards is an annual event that honours and celebrates outstanding individuals who have been nominated by their peers for the significant impact that they’ve had on their communities. The ceremony is a vibrant affair, featuring performances from the local creative industry.

Unique in its approach, the Awards do not use the term ‘Winners’; instead, we prefer the term‘ Award Recipients”, acknowledging that behind each influential woman or girl is a network of supporters who have been inspired by them. The event not only recognises personal achievements but also celebrates the collective effort and community support that make these accomplishments possible.

Prior to the awards, we hold an Ubuntu Afternoon Tea Party, which celebrates all those nominated. Ubuntu is an African expression that means ‘I am because we are’. There are over a hundred nominated people each year, all with an inspiring story. Our Community as a whole is blessed to have such incredible women among us and the Tea Party is an event of gratitude for all those nominated, whether they are shortlisted as finalists, or not.

Both the Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards, and the Ubuntu Tea Party events raise funds for local charities such as Endometriosis South Coast. This Charity provides crucial support to individuals along the South Coast who are dealing with the challenges of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis.

As we prepare for the 2025 Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards, we invite local businesses to join us in celebrating and supporting this significant event. By sponsoring the Awards, your Organisation will not only gain visibility among a diverse and engaged audience but also demonstrate its commitment to supporting important community initiatives and advancing gender equality.

For businesses looking to learn more about sponsorship opportunities and how to contribute to the success of this impactful event, please contact Shaping Portsmouth. Engaging with us means directly supporting the values of empowerment, recognition, and community collaboration.

Together, we can make the 2025 Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards a memorable and meaningful celebration of the incredible women in our City. Join us in making a difference, reach out to Shaping Portsmouth today to explore how your business can be part of this prestigious event.

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