Shaping Portsmouth Ambassadors

Led By: Terence Carvalho – Chief Operating Officer, Delivered Social
Supported By: Andrew Starr

The primary objective of the Portsmouth Ambassadors programme is to actively involve the local community and businesses in fostering a deep sense of affection and enthusiasm for the city. This initiative seeks to enlist dedicated Ambassadors who will wholeheartedly passionate about the city.  


  1. To maintain and deliver two online induction sessions with the City of Portsmouth College per month to ensure regular growth and increase our number of volunteer ambassadors per month. 
  2. To grow our ambassador audience via our social media channels, working on monthly targets.
  3. Plan and deliver two forum events per year, free of charge for ambassadors to attend and learn about our city updates.
  4. Work with local city-wide events teams to offer our database of ambassadors to support these events yearly, i.e. The Great South Run, Victorious Festival and Sea Angling Classic.

Current Initiatives


  •  Over 100 active Shaping Portsmouth Ambassadors volunteering in the City

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