Armed Forces Covenant

We are working to enable businesses in Portsmouth to recognise the strength of providing opportunities to members of the armed forces, reserve force and veteran community. Showing a commitment led by the National framework and Shaping Portsmouth, ensuring Portsmouth as a collection of businesses can achieve their own potential and prosperity. Together, we can achieve. […]

Care Leavers

The Care Leavers programme has an aim to offer those young adults who have left the care system but have little support in the City a business mentor to help them on the road to a fulfilling career, and also to allocate a role model/mentor to those younger adults or children still in the care […]

Charity Support

At Shaping Portsmouth, we are proud to be launching the Monica Appeal which we hope you will support where you can. We are not asking for money, rather resource, people that can provide their time and expertise where needed to support our charitable organisations in and around the City of Portsmouth. Many charities have severe […]

Digital Enablement

We at Shaping Portsmouth understand & value that every child in this city needs to continue their education, for their future and for their wellbeing & for the adults to stay connected and be part of the community. Therefore, we need your help in and support to ensure that the programme is fulfilling it’s mission.. […]

Portsmouth Ambassadors

If you are passionate about Portsmouth, and would like to spread positivity in the city, become a Portsmouth Ambassador! To volunteer, you can attend one of our free induction sessions to be informed about the great things happening in the City, after which you will receive a pin badge and certificate. You will then be […]