Councillor praises Portsmouth’s commitment to equality

Portsmouth has been hailed for its commitment to equality by the city’s Cabinet Member for Communities following an anti-racism event in the city earlier this week.

Cllr Chris Attwell, Portsmouth City Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Central Services, praised the city’s response having joined protesters in Guildhall Square and reiterated the council’s commitment to tackle all forms of discrimination.

Cllr Attwell said: “I’m proud to be able to say Portsmouth is a city that stands against discrimination. I think the last year has seen everyone reflect on the roles we play as individuals and organisations and a lot of positives have come from that. The council is working with a range of organisations across the city on what priorities should be as we come out of the pandemic and there has been complete agreement that we need to address issues of equality, whether that be around race, poverty or anything else.

“It’s fantastic that our city is committed to equality and improving outcomes for our residents. We are starting to work with communities across the city on whether we can deliver services in better ways for them and we’re also looking at the best way to build lessons on anti-racism strategies into local school curriculums.”