Cruise Passenger Programme leaps ahead with Shore Excursion Seminar featuring Portsmouth’s unique venues and tourist attractions

The Shaping Portsmouth Cruise Passenger Programme has already delivered exceptional results this year.

With the support of Visit Portsmouth, our partners and stakeholders within the team, we are now planning our most ambitious event yet. In November this year, at the D-Day Story, we will run a shore excursion seminar event whereby the Shaping Cruise Passenger programme team will host the significant unique tourism venues from Portsmouth and the leading National Shore Excursion companies who manage the incoming pre-booked tours and visits.

This will be an opportunity for our world-class venues and attractions to promote their offerings to people who know what the passengers want. It will also give the shore excursion organisations further opportunities to develop their partnership with Shaping Portsmouth and directly engage with each of the major venues and attractions as we move into the 2023 season.

The plan is that we get to a point where the offerings we have within the city are in as many of the cruise liner itineraries as possible, which in turn means more and more visiting passengers enjoying our world-class venues and hospitality inside our great waterfront city. In contrast, historically, they have been transferred to other locations such as London and Stonehenge. This will help our local economy and be more sustainable for the climate nationally.

The first event is by invitation only, and we will update you on the outcome of this exciting event later in the year; we know it will be a game changer for the city and surrounding area.

Samantha McGrath, Shaping Portsmouth’s Director of Operations & Marketing, said ”It’s been a long time in the making, and now we are excited to move on to the next objective for this programme. With dedicated partners such as Visit Portsmouth, the D-Day Story and Portsmouth International Port, we are committed to sharing our new data on shore excursion companies and facilitating an event to encourage collaboration and new direct partnerships as we move into the 2023 Cruise season.”

Andrew Williamson​, Passenger Operations Manager & PFSO at Portsmouth International Port, adds “With the continued growth in cruise activity at the port this is the perfect opportunity to engage with local businesses looking to engage with cruise passengers, on how they can help to enhance Portsmouth’s cruise offering as in order to firmly put the city on the international cruise map. Construction of our new passenger terminal extension is already underway with which we will be able to accommodate larger ships and build upon the city’s success in becoming the first choice UK port for high-end boutique, expedition and transit calls.”

If you are a unique venue or tourist attraction within Portsmouth and want to find out more, please email