Don’t miss the deadline for EU import declarations

If you’ve chosen to delay making customs declarations on non-controlled goods you’ve imported from the EU this year, you may need to start thinking about making a supplementary declaration.

Supplementary declarations are due within 175 days of your shipment arriving in Great Britain. So if you imported anything in January 2021 and you haven’t yet made a declaration for imported goods either yourself or using an intermediary, your supplementary declaration will be due very soon.

Most traders use an intermediary such as Portico Customs Agency to deal with their declarations. If you chose to delay your declarations, you should have kept detailed records on your imported goods at the time of import, so that Portico can use this information to make a declaration on your behalf.

Daphne Comber, customs agency manager at Portico said “We’ve already helped hundreds of businesses, large and small, assisting them with the management of their processes to ensure efficiency and compliance.

“However, we’re aware there are many UK importers who might be unaware of the supplementary declarations deadlines that are approaching very soon. We’d encourage them to get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can help guide them through the process”.

There is still time to ensure that your company is HMRC compliant and to request Portico Customs Agency to make the supplementary declaration for you. This is even if you are using the simplified procedures process to make your own ‘entry in the declarant’s records‘.

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