100 in 100

Led By: Jane Lamer
Supported By: Jodi Fair

Vision & Mission

Creating 100 roles for young people in Portsmouth’s businesses in 100 days, between 1st March and 6th June 2021.

The objectives are to increase awareness of the opportunities for young people in the Portsmouth area, engage with Portsmouth businesses about what they can do to support the recovery, and promote Kickstart, Traineeships and Apprenticeships.

We aim to do this by creating the opportunity whereby in just 100 days, in partnership with the Portsmouth business community, a total of 100 roles are created for 100 adults from out City.

The qualifying placement types are:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Traineeship placements
  • T Level paid placements
  • Internships
  • Work Experience (>70 hours)
  • Kickstarters

Why Now?

Since January 2020 the number of Portsmouth adults who are now having to claim some form of Universal Credit has risen from 4350 to 9950 an increase of 5600 people or 128%.

At the same time our current business performance has been nothing short of spectacular. As at December 2020, (and please bear in mind that we still have 12,700 people on furlough plus another 7,400 self-employed people claiming some form of support), we have seen the net number of Business in Portsmouth hit the 8,000 mark UP a net of 430 in 2020.

Portsmouth has also been ranked number one, by the report generated by Instant Offices, as being the UK’s most entrepreneurial City as measured on new business activity, with London coming in third place. It also cited the COVID-19 pandemic as being a catalyst for such activity.

When comparing population to business ratio, the number of new businesses launched in Portsmouth increased by 33% this year, compared with 31% in London. Bradford came in second place, with a 32% increase, according to research carried out by Instant Offices, the workspace comparison website.

Instant’s index analyses data published by the UK’s registrar of companies, Companies House.

What’s New About This Programme?

For the first time in Shaping’s 11-year history we have all four travel to learn colleges working with us on a City wide programme.

The partnership of the eight organisations is fully committed to the success of this programme and we will all be supporting the placed adults with any additional skills development they need.

During the lifetime of the placement, however long that might be, Shaping and our Partners will be offering additional adult learning to these 100 people to upskill them to make them more attractive to their initial employer or a future opportunity.

For any enquiries, email contactus@shapingportsmouth.co.uk.

100 in 100 is delivered in partnership with:



“Everything we do at HSDC is to realise the ambitions of our community and we fully support Shaping Portsmouth and partners in the 100 in 100 campaign. With everyone working together to realise this ambition, we will all have a tremendous impact supporting young people into work and supporting others in our community regain employment and upskilling opportunities.”

Aaron Butson, Havant & Southdowns College


“Portsmouth College are delighted to be able to play a role in the 100 in 100 campaign. Collaboration is critical during a crisis and this project is a fantastic example of employers, training providers and agencies, from across the city, coming together to promote opportunities and support local people back into employment.”

Tom Lloyd, Portsmouth College


“We are thrilled to be playing a part in the 100 in 100, and have confidence that this will be beneficial not only to the individuals who are beginning their career journeys, but also the employers that will be introducing new, skilled employees into their workforce.”

Jodi Fair, Solent Apprenticeship Hub


“We are delighted to be supporting this initiative encouraging employers to offer new and existing staff and young adults the opportunity to take their first step onto the career ladder, or progress further in their chosen career. Fareham College’s focus has always been to equip its learners with the knowledge, skills and experience to achieve their ambitions and we look forward to enabling as many people as possible to gain valuable industry experience to set them on the path of their chosen career, as well as aiding the local economy and assisting business recovery in the region.”

Andrew Kaye, Fareham College


“Two years ago, we launched our Roadmap to a Career vision and this programme is yet another key part of that. No matter what your age is your career options should not be a hidden secret but something you can get access to, and experience readily. This programme aims to give our people that opportunity, and whilst some of the placements are age limited some are not. Opportunity is for everyone and Shaping and our Partners aim to make that happen with this and following programmes”

Stef Nienaltowski, Shaping Portsmouth


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