Apprenticeship Bus

Led By: Lee Butler

Vision & Mission

As part of Shaping’s Explore Your Future strategy the annual Bus tour of the senior schools in our City promotes the value of an Apprenticeship. By introducing Year 9-11 students to current Apprentices, we can give those attending a real insight into what life is like as a Portsmouth Business Apprentice. Each school visit lasts around one hour, and the students get the chance to hear what the overall Apprenticeship programme can offer. The real value is when the students are in groups of 3-5 and speak with the Apprentices and discover what life is really like for them.

This initiative was started in 2018, when we visited three schools and met with 84 students. In the years since we have seen the number of Portsmouth schools involved grow to six in 2019, and then to twelve senior schools, meeting 444 students, in 2020. Due to restrictions in 2021 a virtual Bus tour using video technology was undertaken with each school maintaining our commitment to providing support for Apprenticeships.

In 2022 the Bus returns and there will be more interaction and tailored offerings which gives the students the maximum information and advice about the City’s current Apprenticeship vacancies and opportunities. School demand is already high and we look forward to delivering another year of successful Bus visits.

The number of participating City organisations has also grown, from five in 2018 to 29 in 2020. The number of Apprentices they have provided to the programme has also risen from 6 to 59 this current year. In 2022 the business support will once again be key and continues to enable the building of a positive bond between Business and Schools for the benefit of both.

The local Portsmouth businesses get to link up with talented Year 9s, 10s, and 11s, and the students get the chance to find out exactly what opportunities lie ahead of them as they choose their further educational route and future career.


  1. To inspire students in Portsmouth to consider Apprenticeship as a viable and exciting career option.
  2. What are your main priorities to start with? To secure Apprentices from as many Portsmouth businesses and priority work-related areas as possible.
  3. To reach the maximum number of Year 9-11 students in Portsmouth each year.

Get involved

We would like to call on any Portsmouth businesses that have Apprentices to join the programme. Apprentices join the school visits during one of the days during the delivery week. This is a great way for businesses to build positive bonds with local schools, link up with talented students and let them find out about the opportunities that lie ahead. If you would like to find out more and take part, email

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