Business Briefing

Led By: Kirsty Hill – Education & Community Lead

This unique opportunity allows students to meet local business and industry people, learn about work and business opportunities, and ultimately get inspired to start thinking about their own futures.

Having seasoned business leaders and industry professionals share their professional journeys with students in an informal and relaxed setting, creating a comfortable environment for students to gain insights into various business sectors and industries.


  1. To inspire Portsmouth’s young people from Year 10-11 through the real-life experiences of a diverse pool of role models.
  2. To connect the future workforce with local businesses, support schools with motivating employment stories and inspire young people.
  3. To provide students with a better understanding of various business sectors and industries and help them gain a better understanding of how they operate.  
  4. To inspire students to think about their future careers.
  5.  To create networking opportunities for students by allowing them to meet and interact with local business and industry professionals.

Current Initiatives

  • Business Briefing


  • Pilot Sessions held at Admiral Lord Nelson School and Trafalgar School in partnership with Gunwharf Quays and Spinnaker Tower.
  • Since launching, sessions have been held at Priory School and Mayfield School in partnership with HaHa Training and Mountjoy.


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