Digital Enablement

Led By: Husky Patel

Vision & Mission

Providing access to technology and support to students required to learn from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic and vulnerable adults.

We at Shaping Portsmouth understand & value that every child in this city needs to continue their education, for their future and for their wellbeing. We need your help in supporting those who don’t have easy access to the laptops or broadband that would help them to continue with lessons.

Our commitment to provide devices doesn’t stop with our schools, we are also working in collaboration with the Hive to ensure that vulnerable adults in our community have online access. Whether that’s to keep up with the news, speak to loved ones, apply for job roles or secure their weekly online food shop. Our aim is to provide as many families as possible with a device and internet access.

What has been provided so far…

Portsmouth schools have made enormous strides over the last few months in developing their remote offer to pupils, developing their skills and producing live and recorded lessons, introducing welfare calls and group sessions. They have also introduced a wide range of apps to make it easier for teachers, pupils and parents to communicate whilst children are not in school. We see this trend of Digital Learning continuing and growing, therefore, the need for devices will always be there.

The work that the Government, Portsmouth City Council and individual schools, and the Academy Trusts have done to increase access to devices mean that these arrangements generally work very well. However, the new national lockdowns and closure of schools has brought a new level of challenges & new way of working practices which are set to stay post COVID-19. With many families sharing a single device or relying on a pay-as-you-use mobile phone to access children’s work for the day, the need for devices is ever increasing.

We need your help in supporting disadvantaged families. We are seeking both donations of new or second-hand devices that your company no longer needs, or a cash contribution through our Crowdfunder page, that can be used to purchase additional devices to loan to families in need.

A very wide range of working devices are needed by our schools and families:

  • Tablets giving internet access are extremely useful for younger primary pupils.
  • Chrome books and laptops are most useful for older primary and secondary age pupils.
  • Desktop computers will also be useful for some older children who have a desk space for these.

Please note:

  • All devices must be fully functional (power into OS) and have any BIOS passwords removed.
  • Any Apple devices must be removed from your iCloud account, MDM (Mobile Device Management) or DEP (Device Enrolment Program) management systems.
  • All devices preferably to come with suitable cables and charger (e.g., USB cable and charger)

Next Steps:

To donate device(s), please email with a list of your donated equipment and we will get in touch on how to get the device(s) to us.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Bridging Portsmouth’s Digital Divide is delivered in partnership with:





We would like to thank the organisations below for donating £100 or more to our Crowdfunder campaign:



Thanks to everyone’s generous donations we raised £5,250 raised, plus an estimated £590 via Gift Aid, to help us provide devices and internet access to those who need it most.

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