Digital Enablement

Vision & Mission

Providing access to technology and support to everyone that wants to improve their digital skills and associated wellbeing.

The objectives are:

  • Improve the skill base of those most in need and prepare them for the digital future
  • Improve individual’s employment prospects by helping them become digitally skilled
  • Reduce / Eliminate the isolation of sections of our society by connecting them to others
  • Ensure any Digital access and learning, and use, is NOT based on the ability to pay
  • Provide the right level of ongoing support to our Schools in their provision of learning

We have built two different subgroups. One to look at how we can support the blended learning Schools will have to offer as we move through and then past the current restrictions, and one that is looking at the needs of post education citizens.

We are looking at the technology needs, the training and skills neds and the internet connectivity needs.

Both groups are working through a series of issues and the two subgroups will deliver their plans by the end of 2020.

The Digital Enablement Programme is delivered in partnership with:




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