Explore Your Future

Led By: Jo Burfitt and Lee Butler
Supported By: Hayden Taylor

Vision & Mission

Inspire Portsmouth’s young people aged 14-19 through the real-life experiences of a diverse pool of role models.


Explore Your Future Portsmouth will:

  • connect young people, schools and local businesses in the Portsmouth area
  • inspire young people
  • create greater understanding of the career opportunities available
  • partner with local business to deliver interviews
  • support local schools with motivating employment stories
  • support business recruitment goals and building the workforce for the future.

Why Explore Your Future?

It is important young people link their education with the world of employment. Aspirations can have little in common with the actual jobs available and it is important insight is gained from real-life and local examples. By inspiring young people, they can be better informed and explore better options for their future.

By partnering with local schools, we can enhance and support their existing career work and provide free resources to expand the work case studies available. For local businesses, the partnership will provide opportunities to promote their careers and unlock potential for the workforce of the future.

Programme delivery

The programme will be delivered through recorded and live interviews focused on a different business sector. The interviews will explore a personal story and a career journey providing invaluable insight for young people to be inspired. The Shaping Team will support interview production and delivery.

Ready to inspire the future?

If you would like to be interviewed for the programme, contact Jo Burfitt at jo@jmbvirtualassistant.co.uk to get involved.

Explore Your Future Portsmouth is delivered in partnership with:

and a diverse range of Shaping Portsmouth Patrons, Partners, and Associates.


Want to know more about this programme? Contact us.

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