Explore Your Future

Led By: Chloe Bolton – Enterprise & Skills Executive (Careers), Portsmouth City Council

The goal of this initiative is to inspire young people in Portsmouth, from Year 9 to 11, by exposing them to a diverse array of role models from various backgrounds. Seasoned business leaders and industry professionals will candidly share their personal and professional journeys with students in an informal and relaxed setting, fostering a comfortable atmosphere for students to explore insights from different business sectors and industries.


  1. To inspire Portsmouth’s young people from Year 9-11 through the real-life experiences of a diverse pool of role models.
  2. To capture and upload free interviews of career stories demonstrating the breadth of opportunity in Portsmouth across all industries.
  3. To connect the future workforce with local businesses, support schools with motivating employment stories and inspire young people.
  4. To provide students with a better understanding of various business sectors and industries and help them gain a better understanding of how they operate.  
  5. To inspire students to think about their future careers, by motivating and sparking their interest in future career opportunities.
  6.  To create networking opportunities for students by allowing them to meet and interact with local business and industry professionals.


  •  Video library of 42 career stories from a variety of job sectors


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