Empower your team to become charity trustees

Are you looking for innovative ways to foster professional development within your team? Empowering your staff to become trustees for local charities can unlock a world of opportunities for both personal and organisational growth.

Why encourage your staff to become trustees?

Leadership development: Serving as a trustee provides invaluable leadership experience, allowing your team members to hone their decision-making, strategic planning, and problem-solving skills in a real-world setting.

Community engagement: Trusteeship offers a unique opportunity to give back to the community while gaining firsthand insight into local issues and challenges. It fosters a sense of social responsibility and strengthens ties between your organisation and the community it serves.

Networking opportunities: Engaging with fellow trustees exposes your employees to diverse perspectives and expands their professional networks, opening doors to new collaborations and partnerships.

Enhanced wellbeing: Research shows that volunteering and giving back to the community can have a positive impact on mental health and overall well-being. Encouraging trusteeship demonstrates your commitment to supporting the holistic development of your team.

Trusteeship can help your team flourish personally and professionally. Contact us via info@shapingportsmouth.co.uk to learn more about how you can make a difference in our community while investing in the future leaders of your organisation.