Explore Your Future to expand into schools

Tony Sammut and Georgina Shepherd talk to Admiral Lord Nelson pupils for the Business Breakfast Briefing

After the success of the Explore Your Future videos, the team are keen to develop this programme into an in-person offer for schools. There is a clear appetite from schools for more opportunities for their students to engage and interact with local employers and businesses. This has encouraged us to reimagine the Explore Your Future offer and develop an interactive workshop which incorporates employer encounters.

This exciting development will allow us to create a workshop offer that can bring the world of work into the classroom, with plans for ongoing employer input and engagement. The plans for this programme would allow for a continuous connect between local business and education, to support the focus on student progression. Alongside this workshop, the already successful Business Breakfast Briefing meetings will also form part of the Explore Your Future offer. This will provide schools with a comprehensive package of activity, which is adaptable to their careers provision and timetable.

Pupils from The Portsmouth Academy that attended the Business Breakfast Briefing sessions in March said “I really liked the Breakfast meeting and learnt a lot and I would like to do it again” and “It was a really informative morning and there were lots of great advice that I have taken on board to use after school.”
Dave Green, Managing Director of Lightning Safety Systems, who joined the session alongside Georgina Shepherd, Retail Manager at Gunwharf Quays, said “Every one of the students was a fabulous credit to the school and I am convinced every one will be a future leader and or mover and shaker! What an education Georgina and I got – it was a cross between getting a grilling on Question Time and being run over by a bus!”

This offer will be in development over the Summer Term, with an official launch planned for September 2023. If you have not already registered your interest, and would like to get involved in these activities, please get in touch with the Explore Your Future team at contactus@shapingportsmouth.co.uk.