Fareham College becomes a Shaping Patron

We at Shaping Portsmouth are very pleased to announce that Fareham College has joined us a Patron.

Fareham College first came on board to support our successful 100 in 100 campaign, also the first time all four local colleges collaborated with us on a single project, and we’re looking forward to working with them on the further Programmes and projects this partnership will benefit.

Andrew Kaye, Principal and Chief Executive of Fareham College, said “We are delighted to become a Patron of Shaping Portsmouth and support the city in addressing the challenges it faces in a constantly-evolving recruitment market by helping everyone to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours required by employers.

“Through our excellent links with employers, investment in our state-of-the-art facilities and our Ofsted outstanding status, all mean that Fareham College can support individuals and businesses in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas to achieve their ambitions. We are really looking forward to joining Shaping Portsmouth and making a positive contribution to our communities.”

Shaping CEO Stef Nienaltowski adds “The announcement of Fareham Colleges decision to become a Patron of Shaping is positive on so many levels. The work they are focussed on fits perfectly with our Roadmap to a Career programme, and their involvement in both our 100 in 100 project, and the Skills & Employability programme has proved the value already of this Partnership.

“Andrew and his team are fully committed to the work we are doing across the City and region we both operate in and, with this announcement, that means that all our travel-to-learn colleges are Patrons of our organisation. This can only be beneficial to both those in work, looking for work, and coming through the FE and HE system.

“Welcome Andrew and the whole Fareham College team.”