Five Ransomware Threats to Know

5 Ransomware Threats to Know

These days, cyber-criminals are organised and well-funded.
Unlike lone threat actors, ransomware groups will reinvest a portion of their profits into hiring and training talented cyber-criminals, making them more dangerous to organisations. As ransomware tactics evolve, it’s important for employers to be up to date on current trends and cyber-attack techniques.
Here are five ransomware threats to know:
Attacking the Cloud

Ransomware groups target
known vulnerabilities in cloud
software and applications.
Sometimes, they access the
cloud through targeted attacks
on individual devices or cloud

Targeting Managed
Service Providers

Compromising managed service
providers enables cybercriminals
to infiltrate multiple
organisations in one attack.

Attacking Industrial Processes

Ransomware groups have been
known to create code that can
stop critical infrastructure and
industrial processes.

Targeting Supply Chains

Compromising software supply
chains allows cyber-criminals to
gain access to multiple victim
organisations in one breach.

Attacking on Holidays

Cyber-criminals are increasingly
attacking on weekends and
holidays when fewer IT and
support personnel are working.