Former Shaping CEO recognised for Outstanding Contribution to Business

Photo © Sarah Standing / The News

Last Friday saw former Shaping Portsmouth CEO Stef Nienaltowski receive the Outstanding Contribution to Business award at The News Business Excellence Awards, which closed Portsmouth & South Coast Business Week.

The News publishing editor Mark Waldron presented the award, saying “His mission has been to create partnerships and lead programmes that make Portsmouth Britain’s premier waterfront city in which to invest, live, learn, work and visit. And he has led from the front in this respect, building strong and lasting relationships in all three pillars of Business, Education, and Community, built around the perfect triangle of staff, volunteers, and paying partners. Before stepping down at the Shaping Portsmouth Conference, Stef said this role had been the greatest privilege of his entire working life. The privilege was ours, Stef, and the city is certainly stronger for it. A worthy and popular recipient for our Outstanding Contribution Award.”

Stef said “I cannot tell you how big my heart is, and how it beats strongly for all of the people I’ve worked with, the people that helped me, the people that joined together. I’ve made so many friends, so many partnerships. I know Dave at the team at Shaping Portsmouth will take it on to its next stage. It’s not often I’m surprised, and I was completely surprised. It’s such an honour to be recognised by your peers.”