Get involved and help MAPP plastic waste

Are you, your staff and customers concerned about plastic waste in the environment? Not sure what you can do to make a difference? Then download Jetsam and join our city wide surveys!

The MAPP (Mapping Portsmouth’s Plastic) project is a world first – a city-wide plastic survey, designed to help find solutions to reduce plastic waste in Portsmouth.  The next survey will take place on 4-6th March.  It’s something anyone with a smartphone can get involved with – and it only takes 20 minutes.

Jetsam is free and easy to use. People can simply open the app and take a picture of whatever plastic they find when out and about. All photos that are uploaded carry the exact location of the moment the picture was taken.  This will help researchers from the University of Portsmouth’s Revolution Plastics team form a ‘heat map’ showing hotspots of plastic waste in the city.  It also means the community can see when and where plastic is building up. It’s the first stage of tackling the plastic problem in our fabulous city.

With climate change very much on the agenda at the moment, the Revolution Plastics team are hoping you can promote this survey to your staff and customers.  It could be something staff can do on their walk to and from work, in their lunchbreak or as a team activity.

If you’d like your business to get involved please contact contact or for more information.  They have posters, social media graphics and other resources that can be shared with your staff and customers.  There will be further surveys on the first Friday-Sunday of each month until May – so there is plenty of opportunity to get involved. The team would also love to hear about any ideas you, your customers or staff might have to help reduce the impact of plastics? Please get in touch.

If we work together we can make a difference!

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