Great leap towards finding solutions for a net zero carbon Portsmouth

A £75k fund has been awarded to Portsmouth City Council to work with city partners and find solutions to securing a low carbon and energy-secure future for Portsmouth.

The funding from Innovate UK’s Net Zero Living Programme, will allow the council to work with city partners to study innovative ways to decarbonise the city’s power, transport, heating, and production systems. The study will report its findings and make recommendations for solutions.

In this first phase of the programme, 31 projects from across the UK, have been awarded a share of £2m through a competitive process to carry out feasibility studies to understand what solutions to test in their local area.

This project will support the priorities of the council’s Climate Change Strategy which is underpinned by the city’s ambition to be carbon net zero by 2030. The council aims to prioritise carbon mitigation that also has socio-economic and environmental benefits.

By engaging with city partners, the project will develop solutions that come from a broad range of sectors and furthers the city’s ambition to collaborate on common goals. It builds upon the work that is part of the Civic Partnership Agreement as well as the newly developed Green Partnership Charter.

Cllr Kimberly Barrett, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment at Portsmouth City Council, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to collaborate and find the solutions that will work for Portsmouth and ensure a secure and fair transition to a net zero city.”

“I am very excited to see this project start because of the huge potential it has to make a real impact on our community.”

“Our thanks of support to our local partners, the University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS University Trust, and Gunwharf Quays who assisted and supported this application.”

Dr David Hutchinson, Reader in Environmental Innovation and Impact Development Manager at the University of Portsmouth, said: “It is wonderful that our proposal has been awarded funding as part of Innovate UK’s Net Zero Living programme, and we are delighted to be partnering with Portsmouth City Council in the delivery of this exciting project. As signatories of the Civic Partnership Agreement and Green Partnership Charter, it is important that we are able to identify opportunities that enable us to work together to bring about benefit for the people of Portsmouth. It is great to be embarking on a new project that helps to deliver on our shared strategic agreement, working together on climate and sustainability issues.”

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