Have your say – Portsmouth accessibility of travel survey

Residents and visitors to Portsmouth are being asked to have their say on the accessibility of travel in and around Portsmouth.

Portsmouth City Council wishes to make the city accessible to all and make travel easy. The transport accessibility survey will help the council understand people’s views on how easy it is to get around the city, including using public transport, the condition of pavements and how much it costs.

Cllr Lee Mason, Scrutiny Panel Chair, said: “The ease with which residents and visitors can travel has a significant impact on their lifestyle, health and wellbeing. Every response to this survey will help us understand any barriers to travel so that we can ensure the council is continuing to take important steps in making the transport network accessible to all wherever possible.

Once you have completed this survey, please share the details with your friends and family as the more responses we receive the better we can make travel in Portsmouth.”

The Scrutiny Management Panel, on 18 September 2019, approved the investigation of physical accessibility of the transport network in Portsmouth. This activity was due to take place in 2020 however the pandemic caused a significant change in the way people travel and it is now a suitable time to carry out the survey as more people are travelling.

To take part in the survey visit https://www.research.net/r/PCCAccessibility. The survey closes at 11:59pm on Sunday 2 January 2022.

Anyone that can’t complete the survey online can call 023 9261 6708 to organise a convenient time to complete the survey over the phone.

The results of the survey and recommendations for areas of focus will be shared with the scrutiny panel early next year.

For more information about transport in Portsmouth and the latest schemes visit https://travel.portsmouth.gov.uk/