Heard About Sam supports Oiyaa in launch of new reward app connecting local businesses with local people

Heard About Sam, a sales and marketing consultant announces a new partnership with Oiyaa to roll out their new reward app connecting local retailers and consumers, thus creating a prosperous and vibrant community for the benefit of the City.


Oiyaa partners with small businesses and offers discounts and personalised rewards to customers who make purchases via the app. The aim is to encourage customers to shop locally.

Heard About Sam will lead the project for Oiyaa in Portsmouth, which is only the second city to adopt the app (the first was Watford, where the app was launched last month).


For local businesses, getting involved with Oiyaa is a must. It’s the first free loyalty app for connecting local customers with local businesses, and the platform is open to all – from shops to hairdressers and from tradesmen to restaurants. There’s no minimum contract, no set-up fee or hardware costs, and it can also facilitate online ordering, pre-bookings, order-at-the-table options, collections and deliveries at a fraction of the cost charged by other suppliers.

The consumer benefits too because this free app offers them local deals and discounts, enabling them to save money while supporting local businesses. There is also the convenience of having a single loyalty platform for all local retailers.

How does it work? 

Consumers simply download the app to see local offers, and they can start to earn loyalty rewards immediately as they will receive an initial credit of loyalty tokens worth £20 which can be redeemed at multiple local businesses. Thereafter, every time they support a local business, they will save money and be rewarded with additional loyalty tokens.

Neeta Dhorajiwala, Oiyaa’s CEO, says: “We believe that Oiyaa will be the go-to tool-of-choice for retailers in Portsmouth. We are excited to roll out here, as we played a major part in the Nectar Local trial, and our shareholders are based in Hampshire.”

Samantha McGrath, from Heard About Sam, says: ‘’Oiyaa stands out as the newest app focusing on loyalty across the community.  It’s important that Portsmouth’s businesses continue to grow, attract new customers and keep profits high. Oiyaa offers a profit share to charities and organisations within the City, personally, this makes it a natural choice to work closely in partnership with Shaping Portsmouth to ensure our community projects benefit from some extra funding.’’

About Heard About Sam

Business Development Consultancy, a bespoke sales, marketing and event management company. Heard About Sam supports businesses with their sales growth and helps clients by delivering their event or project brief to the highest standard. The company is also the proud winner of Corporate Live Wire’s South West England Prestige Awards for Business Development Consultancy of the Year (2020-2021).