Shaping Portsmouth asks businesses to help bridge ‘digital divide’ affecting disadvantaged children and vulnerable adults

Shaping Portsmouth has announced a programme aimed at helping the City’s disadvantaged children and vulnerable adults to gain access to education and essential services.
Through its Bridging Portsmouth’s Digital Divide programme, Shaping Portsmouth is asking businesses to donate new tablets and laptops, or second-hand devices that can be refurbished, for distribution to struggling families or vulnerable adults. Alternatively, businesses can provide a cash contribution (through a Crowdfunder page) to help the programme fund the purchase of additional devices which can be loaned to those who are in need.

Explaining the background to the programme, Stef Nienaltowski, CEO, Shaping Portsmouth, says: “The majority of children are currently having to learn at home, and Portsmouth schools have made enormous strides over the last few months in developing their remote offer to pupils, and working to increase access to devices.

“However, we know of many families who are still struggling to access their children’s school work because they are sharing a single device or relying on a pay-as-you-use mobile phone. Every child in this city needs to continue their education, for their future and for their wellbeing. So, we need our local businesses to help by supporting those who don’t have easy access to the technology that would help them to continue with lessons.”

He adds: “Our commitment to provide devices doesn’t stop with our schools, we are also working in collaboration with the Hive Portsmouth charity to ensure that vulnerable adults in our community have online access. Whether that’s to keep up with the news, speak to loved ones, apply for job roles or secure their weekly online food shop, our aim is to provide as many people as possible with a device and internet access.

“Thank you in advance for your much-needed support to bridge Portsmouth’s digital divide.”

How to help
If you think your business can help, please email with your list of equipment to donate (see list of requirements below). You will then be sent an enquiry form to complete and sign, and advised on the next steps regarding delivery of this equipment to our new dedicated facility located in Landport. Alternatively, please email with a request to receive further information on our Crowdfunding page.

What is required?
A very wide range of devices are needed by our schools and families. Tablets giving internet access are extremely useful for younger primary pupils. Chrome books and laptops are most useful for older primary and secondary age pupils. Desktop computers will also be useful for some older children who have a desk space for these.

Samsung (Minimum 16GB)

Laptop Computers:
Any Laptop manufactured since 2010

Desktop Computers:
Any Desktop manufactured since 2005

Minimum hardware requirements:
*Below are all the technical minimum hardware requirements you or your IT department should need at this stage.

All portable devices need to have WiFi, desktops with LAN.

1.4GHz Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent) with 1GB RAM and 16GB HDD (Windows 7 capable & up)

1.83GHz Intel Core Duo with 1GB RAM (OS X 10.6 upwards)

Please note:
• All devices must be electrically safe, fully functional (power into OS) and have any BIOS passwords removed.
• Any Apple devices must be removed from your iCloud account, MDM (Mobile Device Management) or DEP (Device Enrolment Program) management systems.
• Any tablet needs to come with suitable cable and charger (e.g., USB cable and charger)

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