Help Mayfield Records to carry on offering Work Experience Placements

Mayfield Records have set up a Crowdfunder to raise funds to help them continue with work experience placements for all schools and colleges across our community who want to work in the music industry.

Mayfield Records Ltd (MRL) is a creative hub based in Hampshire offering a range of music industry-related services, including recording studio (audio production), video production, record label, live sound and live streaming.

MRL was established in 2014 to support and nurture a thriving, all-inclusive music community on the south coast. Since opening its doors, MRL has offered regular work experience placements for EVERY school and college across our local community and the University of Portsmouth.

Feedback from the students and educational institutions alike is always positive, and the placements are clearly a valuable resource for the aspiring, young music industry professionals across our locality.

Arranging and delivering these work experience placements takes time and effort for the MRL team. Since the onset of the cost of living crisis, it has become a significant stretch of their resources.

Therefore, they are seeking funding to continue offering these vital work experience placements.

The skills acquired by these young individuals are both numerous and diverse. They include audio production, microphone placement, video production, live sound, live-streaming, the music industry, music promotion & marketing, releasing music & distribution, music composition, time management, interpersonal & communication and confidence building.

These skills will prove instrumental in allowing the students to progress forward in their chosen career pathways.

The goal set is £5,000 and will be match funded by Portsmouth City Council. 

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