Help Southsea Play Cafe become a reality!


Alyson Bert, 32, and Josie Matthews, 34, have been best friends for the past ten years and, after having their children in lockdown, realised the necessity for a cafe where parents can go to prevent them from becoming isolated.

The pair have set up a Crowdfunder to get them the top-quality materials that they need, and they are going to be offering customers a sensory area, which will be kitted out with bubble tubes and LED lighting and a mini version of Southsea, which will feature key shops in the area.

The project and build of the premises are well underway and right on schedule to open in spring; however, due to the rising cost of materials means, they have a very tight budget; this is where Crowdfund  Portsmouth comes in.

The crowdfunder is set for £10,000, with a stretch target of £15,000, and the council is to match fund whatever they manage to raise. Go to