Hovertravel revises freight charges in time for Christmas posting


Hovertravel offers the fastest freight service across the Solent and, as well as working for the Royal Mail for almost 50 years, continues to transport a broad range of items which are required urgently on the Isle of Wight.

Loretta Lale, Head of commercial at Hovertravel, explains: “We are a crucial part of the supply chain which connects the mainland to the island, delivering goods such as auto parts and time-limited pharmaceuticals on a daily basis.

Research amongst our customers revealed that there is an increasing requirement for mid-sized packages to be transported. We have sub-divided our existing 0-10kg freight bracket by adding a new weight bracket of 0-5kg.  We believe that this, combined with our super-speedy service, will help businesses and individuals during the busy build-up to Christmas.”

Customers can drop off and collect from either of the terminals seven days a week. For more details please visit: https://www.hovertravel.co.uk//freight/hover-fast-freight-parcels/