Workplace Health & Wellbeing:


Our Workplace Health & Wellbeing programme team are asking all Portsmouth businesses to help support our programme by filling in a short questionnaire to tell us about your current health and wellbeing priorities, provisions, barriers, or resources.

We ask that you respond honestly in your answers. In doing so, this will provide the best opportunity to support the businesses of Portsmouth in regards to improving employee health and wellbeing. We appreciate that not all answers you will be proud of however we would like to assure you that no judgements will be made and the results we share will remain anonymous.

From this questionnaire, we will be able to see how to better assist the City and increase the wellbeing of our employees and also, as an employer.

Lizzie Butcher, Workplace Health and Wellbeing Programme Lead and Community Sports Development Manager at BH Live, said “Thank you for giving your time to help us with this survey, and we look forward to sharing our findings from this exercise.”