Kier Partners with Shaping Portsmouth

Shaping Portsmouth are very pleased to welcome Kier Construction London & Southern as our latest Partner.

Kier is a leading provider of infrastructure services, construction and property developments. Its purpose is to sustainably deliver infrastructure which is vital to the UK.

Mark Norris, Operations Director for Kier Construction London & Southern said: “We are proud to make our partnership with Shaping Portsmouth official. We look forward to working together to ensure that the vibrant community of Portsmouth continues to thrive. We aim to leave a lasting legacy in all the communities we work in, giving them the tools and opportunities they need to create brighter futures. Our partnership with Shaping Portsmouth will allow us to deliver social value that is powerful and relevant to the brilliant people who live in this city.”

Sam McGrath, Director of Operations & Marketing at Shaping Portsmouth, said: “Shaping Portsmouth has been in contact with the Solent Team at Keir for a few months now. The Senior Management Team has offered our programmes a huge amount of support so far in 2023, therefore it’s an honour to now welcome them as our newest Partner. We have a large agenda to get through, mainly working on our Skills & Employability programme and further projects linked to our Education Pillar Strategy.”

Stef Nienaltowski, Shaping Portsmouth CEO, adds “I met Michelle McKechnie from Kier last autumn at Business South event and we discussed the various aspects of the social responsibility her company has, and how that aligned with our Shaping Portsmouth vision for the city. Michelle and her colleagues immediately volunteered for one of our programmes and I am delighted now to welcome them as a Partner of Shaping.

“Kier has a set of values that match ours: collaboration, trust, and a focus and disciplined approach in how they work and deliver. These are exactly what we believe in too, and hence this new Partnership is one that will benefit both organisations and our city as a whole.

“Welcome Michelle and the Kier team to the Shaping organisation.”