KSM Telecom: Hybrid working is this the new norm for 2022

Shaping Patron KSM Telecom on the new normal working environment:

Recently the pandemic has changed how we operate in our day-to-day life, and we’ve been introduced to the concept of remote work.

Did you know that 88% of organisations encouraged or required employees to work from home due to the pandemic? 57% of remote workers think they are more productive working from home.

However, there are some workers that still prefer working in the office, and that’s where Hybrid work comes in. Hybrid work is a mix between going into the office and remote work. The two together have been proven to provide better results in terms of productivity and overall efficiency during the working day.

The main challenge is getting businesses to change. For some, it can be an expensive and ambitious step to modify current systems. Businesses that have a strict, on-site technical infrastructure may have trouble accessing it elsewhere. This would make remote work a no, go. So, to tackle that, businesses would need a complete system revamp. And sometimes, that’s pricey. Or, if the business is a small start-up, for example, it may not even have those systems put in place.

Purchasing IT systems for a smaller business can make a notable dent to its capital but there are some businesses out there that can help.

IT specialists at KSM Telecom have designed new product packages including comprehensive hosted communications and IT solutions that can help transform businesses into a more mobile, Hybrid workplace. Find out more here.

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