Love to Ride for Cycle September

Portsmouth City Council is delighted to be launching Love to Ride Portsmouth, the global bike challenge, for Cycle September.

Cycling is central to the UK’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. Every trip by bike frees up seats on public transport and space on the roads for people who can’t ride a bike and for key workers to get to vital jobs. Cycling can also protect our NHS by improving public health and helping us to be better prepared for a second wave. Portsmouth City Council are encouraging all organisations and individuals to join Cycle September and help get more people on bikes.

Sign up for Cycle September to join a fun, friendly global competition to get more people on bikes. It doesn’t matter if you ride every day or you haven’t been on a bike in years, everyone is invited and you only have to ride a bike for ten minutes to take part.

It only takes 30 seconds to register at

You can win amazing prizes for riding and encouraging, including bikes, gear, vouchers and much more.

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