New programme helps Portsmouth rough sleepers Choose Employability

On Wednesday 16th February we start on the pathway to what we hope will be one of the most exciting programmes we have ever run: Choose Employability.

Led by Cozette Gelineau and Ania Marysia Swiderska, the programme is a stepping-stone for the homeless people within our community. The volunteered programme will offer a personalised pathway to each individual providing mentoring support, education and job experiences to prepare and successfully place them into a paid position in the City of Portsmouth.

Working with six of our Patrons, Vivid, Abri, Portsmouth City Council, Fareham, HSDC, and the City of Portsmouth Colleges, we are going to be meeting twelve rough sleepers who are housed in one of three centres here in the city managed by Lucy Potts and the Society of St James team.

Cozette Gelineau

In working with our Patrons we will build a pathway to employment for these first twelve, and then allocate each one a business mentor to help them execute, and stay on, that pathway.

Programme Co-Lead Cozette Gelineau, of PMC Construction, said “Taking part in the Choose Employability programme is a privilege and I’m very happy to be involved with these motivating group of volunteers. Everyone at some point in their life needs support in some way, and this programme is an opportunity for us to give back to the people in need within our community.”

Ania Marysia Swiderska

Co-Lead Ania Marysia Swiderska, of the University of Portsmouth, adds “I am very excited to play a part in shaping the new program. I am inspired by the involvement of several local companies, enthusiasm of all leaders and volunteers and the range of career pathways and support activities on offer.”

Shaping Portsmouth CEO Stef Nienaltowski said “The Social Value we will all create from this programme will be immense and as CEO of Shaping I am really proud of this partnership. Having spoken so far to three of the twelve, I know how much the rough sleepers want to make a difference to their lives and future prospects.”