New zebra crossing and parking restrictions proposed for St Helens Parade and Eastern Parade

Residents have the opportunity to share their views in a formal consultation on proposals to change parking restrictions on the south side of St Helens and Eastern Parade. This will create space for a new zebra crossing and create a turnover of space by introducing a three hour limit on parking.

Portsmouth City Council discussed the initial proposals for the zebra crossing with the Eastney and Craneswater Ward Councillors ahead of the formal consultation. Organisations were also surveyed to understand their views on parking to the south side of the roads, as this directly impacts their organisations. This helped to inform the consultation.

The proposed zebra crossing would be installed on Eastern Parade between Bruce Road and Helena Road. This location has been chosen because it links the residential area to the footpath that leads to Canoe Lake, cafes and other leisure facilities. This crossing will also provide a connected route from zebra crossings on Albert Road right through to the seafront via the Rose Gardens and the zebra crossing on Eastney Esplanade.

On either side of the crossing, the required zig zags would be added to the road to ensure visibility for all, whether people are crossing or driving along the road. To create this safe space, approximately three residential parking zone spaces will be removed from the north side of the road and approximately five parking spaces will be removed from the south side of the road.

Parking on the south side of St Helens Parade and Eastern Parade is currently unrestricted.  This means there is little turnover of space, which makes it difficult for customers of local organisations to park, and increases the number of visitors to the seafront searching for a free space in this area.  The council has already completed a survey of the organisations on the south side to understand what their preference was if the changes were made, and their first or second choice was to make this area time-limited free parking.  As a result, and given the nature of the organisations, we are suggesting a maximum of three hours parking in this area. However, we expect not all visitors would stay for the full three hours.

As part of these changes, it is proposed that organisations on the south side can purchase parking permits for their staff to park in the adjacent Residents Parking Zone. This is similar to how other zones work so that the running of organisations are not negatively impacted. Business permits for the first vehicle cost £150 a year, £300 for the second and £630 a year for a third or subsequent permit.

If the changes were to be made, they would take place in the autumn when Colas are planning to resurface the road. This would avoid disruption during the busy summer season, as well as coordinate road works to minimise disruption for everyone living, working or visiting the area.

The consultation will last 28 days and this consultation will be advertised on the roads, on the council website and in The Portsmouth News. Anyone wishing to share their views or ask questions can do this at

Cllr Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation said “A safer crossing has been needed for a long time on Eastern Parade, and this will mean there is a safe route from Albert Road all the way to the seafront.

Organisations in this area have had problems with customers and members not being able to park as vehicles are left for long periods. If this is something people want, I hope that by restricting parking, we’ll be able to help these organisations -especially as they try to recover from the pandemic.”