Park for an additional hour while you shop in September

Shoppers are being given more time to enjoy their shopping experience on Portsmouth’s high streets during September with an additional free hour’s parking on top of the time they pay for in a number of our council car parks.

Portsmouth City Council continues to support the opening of local high streets by offering an additional hour free when paying in certain council car parks.

Since the lockdown many shops and restaurants have now re-opened on high streets at Commercial Road, Palmeston Road and Cosham High Street. The car parks offering the additional hour are as follows:

  • Clarence Street in the city centre
  • Ashby Place in Southsea
  • Stubbington Avenue in North End
  • Wooton Street in Cosham

Cllr Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Transport and Transportation, said: “Please shop locally when you can. At this time, it is so important that we support our local high streets. We hope that an additional hour of free parking will give you the time you need to queue and shop safely for those longer trips. Where possible and particularly for shorter trips please walk and cycle as this helps to improve the air quality in Portsmouth and is healthier for you.”

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