Shaping Portsmouth and Portsmouth Grammar School team up to provide Digital Support

Our Digital Enablement programme, which has been running for just over a year now, has gifted over 70 devices to both school children and isolated adults so they can get online and connected with their learning or loved ones. Such has been the take up that we are now expanding the programme, and we are seeking to raise more funds to donate even more devices to those in need.

One consequence of our programme is that devices can go wrong for a variety of reasons, and if the individual we have provided with one does not have the technical literacy to resolve the issue, we do need to offer a support service to get them re-connected with society.

We are therefore delighted to say that in Partnership with Portsmouth Grammar School, we have worked with twelve of their business pupils to build a whole Digital Enablement Support process using existing venues to open drop-in centres supported by volunteers that will be at a particular venue on specific days and times each week.

Shaping Portsmouth CEO Stef Nienaltowski said “The team from PGS have been quite brilliant in the passion they have had for this project. They have researched the venues, created a series of checklists and mapped out the whole process from end to end including any public liability insurances we’d need to protect the volunteers who seek to help the residents with their technical issues.

“This has been a really excellent two way partnership between Shaping Portsmouth and one of our Patrons. Do look out for the launch later in 2022 as I know it’s going to be very valuable to those who use the devices we have donated.”

George Avery, Year 12 student at PGS, said “The Shaping Portsmouth experience with PGS has proven to be an enriching insight into modern business, and the processes that you need to go through to create a successful community project. I think we’d all like to thank everyone at Shaping Portsmouth for their time, and their assistance throughout the project.”

Francis Palmer, also a Year 12 student, adds “Shaping Portsmouth has helped me see that there are many different ways in which you can help the community around you, and it has helped both myself and my peers work more independently.”

Residents that have received devices through the Digital Enablement programme will be able to turn up and receive technical support from one of our volunteers from later in the spring.