PMC Construction sets Care Leaver Jack on the pathway to an apprenticeship

Our Care Leavers programme provides support for young people after leaving care and prepares those still in the care system for their next steps. Our newest initiative is to work with our trusted partners and source introductions and work experience opportunities onsite for care leavers looking for different industry employment pathways.

Construction is very popular, and our Patron, PMC Construction, kindly offered a site visit to Fratton Park to meet their Site Project Manager, Tim Kemp. They were so impressed with care leaver Jack, and despite initially stating they did not have any current apprenticeships, PMC has since offered and completed a formal interview with Jack, where they have offered him a 3-month minimum wage labouring work at Fratton Park and the Portsmouth FC Training Ground, if Jack is able to maintain this, they will support Jack and offer him an apprenticeship after this period.

Jack started his new employment pathway with PMC Construction on Tuesday, 14th February, and our continued gratitude goes out to everyone involved, including Charlene Mason, Personal Adviser, Supporting Your Future, Children, Families and Education at Portsmouth City Council for supporting Jack and Shaping Portsmouth every step of the way.

Steve Cripps, Director of PMC Construction, said, “We are very pleased to have welcomed Jack to the PMC team. Being able to provide a platform for employment opportunities to our younger generation, and now recently including Care Leavers, is an important part of our corporate responsibility to enhance and encourage our local community. Although Jack has only recently started with us, we are thrilled to have him on board and we look forward to supporting him through his chosen career pathway.”

Sarra Gravestock, Programme Lead for Care Leavers and Director & Head of Children & Social Services at Biscoes, said, “I meet many care leavers in my day job but something about Jack really stood out; a determined, resilient and committed young man just looking for a break into the world of employment. I’m delighted that PMC recognised this too and gave Jack an opportunity he may not have otherwise had. This programme really shows what can be achieved when we work together as a community. “