Portsmouth residents invited to acclaimed business masterclass

Portsmouth entrepreneurs of the future are being offered FREE places at the PopUp Business School, the national and highly acclaimed enterprise workshop programme, where they will be shown how to turn their hobbies and dreams into a fully functioning business.

Leading local housing association Southern Housing Group and Portsmouth City Council have partnered with PopUp Business School to help would-be start-ups in and around Britain’s coastal city get their business ideas off the ground this September.

Southern Housing Group Director of Community Investment and Care – Anabel Palmer said: ‘Southern Housing Group is delighted to help bring the fantastic PopUp Business School to Portsmouth. We’ve seen first hand the benefits attending this course can bring to residents and the skills participants will learn are truly life-changing.’

Councillor Darren Sanders, Portsmouth’s cabinet member for housing and preventing homelessness added: ‘Sponsoring a PopUp Business School course is just one of the many ways that Portsmouth Council is supporting its residents through these tough economic times. We hope as many people as possible will sign up to this brilliant opportunity.’

Designed to inspire people and help them find the confidence to launch their ideas, the PopUp Business School is suitable for everyone, from those with no previous business experience to those who are already running fledgling start-ups and need some guidance to weather these challenging times.

The course will be delivered online, which means up to 500 participants can sign up. Lessons in Portsmouth will be delivered over two weeks, double the usual course length. Participants will be able to develop a range of practical lessons as well as gain experience and insights, from learning how tackle tax returns and reliefs through to skills such as pitching business ideas and personal presentation.

The online training includes a mix of hands-on sessions, one-to-one coaching, workshops and local peer support, all packaged so that local Portsmouth residents can ‘attend’ from their homes.

Simon Paine, PopUp Business School co-founder and CEO, explained: ‘There’s nothing better than meeting someone with no business experience and guiding them through their first sale – it can transform lives.

‘You don’t need money, experience or a university degree to start a business. You just need an idea, some passion and a bit of help.

‘Many of those attending will leave with a business and a first sale. Those who don’t will still take away business skills, practical advice and confidence. We like to say: ‘this is the best business course money can’t buy.’

For more information and to book a free place, visit events.popupbusinessschool.co.uk/PortsmouthSeptember2020. The event will be livestreamed online and runs every day from Monday 21st September – Friday 2nd October between 10am – 3pm.

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