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The Portsmouth Ambassadors programme aims to engage the local community and businesses, to drive passion for the city. The overall target is to recruit Ambassadors who will carry the positive message to everybody.

With a high response rate from the very start, the enthusiasm people have for being inspirational supporters of Portsmouth is obvious. We are well on our way to spreading a passionate and positive message to communities, schools and businesses. However there is always an undiscovered Ambassador just around the corner, who will be perfect for the role?!

Ambassadors are volunteers who live, study or work in the city and want to do something to help their local community and wider City.
Ambassadors are invited to regular tours of local venues, such as the Kings Theatre, and the Mary Rose Museum. We also hold bi-annual Ambassador Forums, where Ambassadors can hear updates on developments in the city and a variety of other subjects from speakers based in Portsmouth.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please click here for details of upcoming Ambassador induction sessions.

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