Portsmouth Care Leaver joins BBC Teach project

Elliot Kerr

One of Shaping Portsmouth’s biggest ambassadors for our Care Leavers programme, Elliot Kerr, joined Mosaic Films, a production company in London, back in July to tell his story.

Mosaic is developing a series of short films for BBC Teach about improving school environments for care-experienced young people. The team put Elliot forward to represent the care leavers community within Portsmouth as well as help support the messaging, first hand which will be shown in schools next year. Elliot’s visit to Soho London was a huge success, Elliot not only exceeded their expectations, but he also now has hands-on experience which benefits his own personal & career development within Media.

Elliot said “I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being interviewed about my personal history in regard to both my care experience and school life. My belief of sharing my views and personal history in order to educate those who aren’t aware of how difficult it can all be truly helped motivate me despite the emotional implications of doing such. But most importantly, both Elisabeth and Andy at Mosaic Films were honest and patient throughout, which are qualities I feel are necessary when dealing with such sensitive subjects. All in all, I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity!”

Elisabeth Watts from Mosaic Films adds “Our programmes are only made possible by having young people like Elliot speak so eloquently and openly about their past and the issues that have affected them. While everyone can appreciate the importance of spreading awareness, it’s easy to underestimate the courage it takes to be one of the people who is standing up and speaking, especially when the subject matter is personal and the process can take an emotional toll. We thank Elliot for his passion and eloquence, as well as the time he dedicated to travelling to London and recording his interview; his contribution has been invaluable.”