Portsmouth Grammar School’s Giving Day is back!

Over £250,000 was raised during The Portsmouth Grammar School Giving Day 2021. This year, the school hosts Giving Day on 15th and 16th March. PGS is hoping to add to last year’s impressive total to offer even more transformational bursaries to local pupils within Portsmouth and the surrounding area.

As the oldest school in Portsmouth and standing at the heart of the city, PGS currently offers bursaries to 1 in 6 pupils. This enables PGS to open its doors wide into the community of Portsmouth, allowing talented, local young people to benefit from a PGS education when they otherwise would not be able to afford a place. PGS is academically richer in doing this. Bursaries allow PGS to open its doors to local families regardless of financial means, making it a school for the able, not just the able to pay.

Giving Day is about inspiring everyone to ‘Be the Difference’. Pupils and staff will be encouraged to spend time being selfless and make a difference to someone’s day. Donors can also be the difference by allowing a young person’s education to be transformed, opening doors for their future which would’ve ordinarily been closed to them due to financial circumstances.

Similar to last year, pupils will participate in themed activities across Giving Day. PGS focuses on the number 25, encouraging pupils to think about where they want to be at age 25, not just 18. As a result of this, Giving Day will see Junior School pupils dress up as what they want to be when they are 25 alongside a whole range of 25 themed sports and creative arts activities throughout the entire school.

The money raised on Giving Day solely funds bursary places at PGS, bringing the school closer than ever to its long-term vision of assisting 1 in 4 pupils. This year, PGS is delighted to announce they have been awarded up to £120,000 in match-funding from the Cavella Foundation, meaning every gift given will be doubled. The foundation will also be sponsoring challenges and pupil activity on the Day.

Each gift received will make a life-changing difference to young people in Portsmouth.

Make sure to keep up with The Portsmouth Grammar School Giving Day 2022 and if you would like to find out how you can be the difference, visit www.givingday.pgs.org.uk