Radian and Yarlington renamed ‘Abri’

Housing provider Radian Group has announced the launch of its new name, brand identity and corporate strategy. Now known as Abri, the announcement comes almost one year on from the partnership of Radian and Yarlington in November 2019.

Gary Orr, Group Chief Executive at Abri, said: “As we move forward as one organisation, we are delighted to launch our new name, brand identity and strategic priorities. We have been working closely with our customers and stakeholders to shape the direction of Abri and understand more fully what is expected from us as a landlord and service provider. Our customers and communities are at the heart of our organisation and their feedback and ideas are reflected in our new corporate strategy.”

As one of the south and south west’s largest housing providers with some 80,000 customers across 35,000 homes, Gary said that the new unified brand was a natural step in the organisation’s plans to further invest in its homes, customers and communities.

“Abri means ‘shelter’ and that’s exactly what we’re committed to doing,” he said. “We believe everyone has the right to a safe, warm, and sustainable home, and to be part of a community where everyone has the opportunity to belong, grow and thrive.

“While our new organisation is growing at pace, we are committed to continuing to serve our local communities and remaining positively and closely connected to our customers.

“Our new strategy signals our ambition to help tackle the housing crisis while we invest more in our existing homes. We’ll build at least 10,000 high quality, sustainable homes over the next decade, offering a choice of affordable tenures and home ownership options. We also plan to invest a further £215 million in our existing homes, ensuring they are sustainable and support our plans to play our part in tackling climate change. As part of our wider commitment to addressing the housing crisis, we are continuing to develop our Homelessness Prevention Strategy, aiming to do our bit to help end homelessness for good.”

Wayne Morris, who was appointed Chair at Abri last month, added: “In forming our partnership last year, we brought together the expertise and financial capabilities of two strong organisations. Abri gives us a new, stronger platform from which to move forward at pace to meet our future ambitions.”

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