Radian partners with Shaping Portsmouth as our newest Patron

On behalf of the Shaping Portsmouth organisation I am delighted that Radian Group and ourselves have joined this significant partnership for the benefit of our City and some of its most disadvantaged citizens.

The synergy between our two organisations is exciting as we want to make Portsmouth a place of Employment opportunity and where people’s Wellbeing is paramount. In addition to this, the way in which we wish to engage with the Community to empower them in ways not thought possible before, plays right into the centre of Radian’s beliefs and objectives.

The standards Radian set and achieve are in common with our own world class goals and the immediate working relationship we have built is so encouraging and exciting for our future partnership.

Portsmouth is going to be a City with a strong and exciting future and the Radian / Shaping partnership will play its full part and be a significant benefit to those that use the programmes and services we jointly create and deliver.

Welcome Michelle and the Radian team and thank you for your investment in Shaping. I look forward to working with you going forward.

Stef Nienaltowski

By partnering with Shaping Portsmouth, we can give people living in the city better access to employment opportunities and health and wellbeing initiatives. We also want to empower the local community to make the changes they hope to see in their area.

Organisations such as Shaping Portsmouth are essential in helping communities to thrive, and we are proud to become a patron and work collaboratively with them. We want to learn from the community and will make sure we are listening to peoples voices to really understand how we can help shape the city and support it to thrive.

Portsmouth is a fantastic city that is diverse by nature; we want to celebrate this. Creating equal opportunity is high on our agenda and we look forward to working closely with Shaping Portsmouth to find ways to give everyone living in the city access to great opportunities.

Michelle Dawson
Radian Group’s Managing Director of Community Services

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