Could an Apprenticeship or Traineeship be part of your Roadmap to a Career?

Our vision to offer our next and future generations a pathway to their future has been branded Roadmap To A Career. A vital part of that vision is our Skills & Employability strategy which launched with our 100 in 100 campaign, in partnership with the Solent Apprenticeship Hub, Portsmouth City Council, the University of Portsmouth, and the four local colleges, Highbury, Portsmouth, HSDC, and Fareham.

The campaign that ran from 1st March to 8th June ended up generating 413 opportunities for either an Apprenticeship, Traineeship or a place on the Government funded Kickstart scheme.
The 413 opportunities were split mainly between Apprenticeships (50%), and Kickstart (44%), with the remaining being Traineeships. This was indeed a spectacular result and the support we received from our local businesses was truly inspiring.

A total of 269 young adults have been placed and whilst that is excellent we have the remaining 144 people to find to fill the rest of the vacancies. There is work continuing on the Kickstart programme so we would like to focus on the 114 vacancies Portsmouth’s businesses have for an Apprenticeship role and the 14 opportunities for a Traineeship.

Stef Nienaltowski, CEO of Shaping Portsmouth, said “The variety of roles open to the candidates are brilliant, from the broad Business Admin roles, to those of Customer Service. These roles are a great basis for a number of permanent positions in a number of companies. But we also have the need for Teaching Assistances, Chefs, most of the Trades (plumbing, electrical, plasterers etc), as well and Digital Marketing roles.

“If you are thinking about a career in one of these areas I would urge you to get in touch with us and we can connect you to the providers to our Businesses. The opportunity is there for a large number of you to experience these roles and build your skill portfolio, and we at Shaping, along with our partners, plan to keep these opportunities coming for you and the year groups coming up next.”

If you are interested, email with your contact details and the field you would like to get into, and we will introduce you to the appropriate provider.