Seekers Create crowdfunding for their Portsmouth Diverse City Trail

Seekers Create are a creative social enterprise raising funds to inspire our community to create and follow our climate action trail in Portsmouth, are explaining their Crowdfunder below, and hope for people to take part!

Portsmouth is a beautiful waterfront city full of inspirational people, organisations and amazing heritage.

Our Crowdfunder aims to bring all this together in one beautiful trail. Connecting our people and entrepreneurial spirit to create a community that enhances the best of what we have to offer.

We will be showcasing the lesser-known neighbourhoods of Portsmouth. Enabling organisations and volunteers to create a brighter future. We’re seeking good company to make this vision become reality

Enabling collaboration, education, health and heritage into one beautiful trail showcasing little known parts of Portsmouth. From North to South via the West coast. We bring simple clarity to the UN Sustainability Goals, making them local, relevant and easy to understand. Families, local charities, businesses and individuals that engage with the project can learn to make a difference in their own way.

We will encourage Portsmouth residents to access their streets, parks and venues within walking distance of their homes. Portsmouth has many interesting locations and stories that are not accessed as often as they should be. The trail links these locations to the rich local heritage and nature, reducing carbon emissions and helping people to connect with their local community. This will also bring mental and physical benefits by connecting with nature.


Benefits to the trail users

• A practical knowledge of the UN Sustainability Goals.

• Healthy new behaviours for fitness and mental health.

• Bringing awareness to more parts of the city, showing what Portsmouth has to offer.

• A connection to the rich history of Portsmouth. This project will contribute to Portsmouth efforts to be carbon neutral and positively affect climate change by 2030.


Benefits to the City and collaborators

• Changing behaviours to use less carbon-polluting vehicles to reach Portsmouth’s net zero carbon goal by 2030.

• A network of fantastic collaborative organisations building collective impact.

• Public awareness of the trail and collaborators work.

• A more connected city.


“We’re raising funds so we can create Portsmouth’s Diverse City Trail for the community to enjoy. We will be working with a team of young people to inspire them to research points of interest and plan the trail route.

The young people will design and create our trail maps for local people and visitors to follow. If we reach our target of £5k, Portsmouth City Council will match fund us another £5k. This is a fantastic opportunity to support Portsmouth‘s domestic tourism offer. We’re excited about the possibility of stretching our target to enable us to train and develop local community leaders to use Portsmouth Diverse City Trail as a tool, resource and guide to develop their own projects. We would appreciate a contribution to our funding total and we have a range of rewards that will be live on the 12th. If you would like to collaborate on the trail we would love to hear from you to discuss further. A share would also be appreciated.” says Clair and Steve from Seekers Create