Shaped By Solent programme raises over £500 for Solent Academies Trust

The Shaped By Solent programme has raised more than £500 for Solent Academies Trust.

The programme brought together Solent Academies Trust, Shaping Portsmouth and a range of high-profile businesses together to mentor and provide experience in business and public speaking to classes of SEND students.

Their task was to brainstorm, create, and present products the students could sell at the Shaping Portsmouth Conference, with funds raised going towards covering manufacturing costs and any profits going to the schools to benefit their students and facilities.

The winning team was the Cascades We Are Solent team, who designed a sensory resin keyring and supermarket trolley token.

We are pleased to announce that sales of the keyring raised more than £660. After manufacturing costs and other fees, a total of £525.33 profit was left to go directly to the Solent Academies Trust schools.

Shaping Portsmouth CEO, Stef Nienaltowski, said “This is an unbelievable amount for our first project and I can’t wait to see what we do next time. My thanks and congratulations to everyone that was and is involved. “