Shaping Portsmouth welcomes new Associate partners

Shaping Portsmouth are pleased to announce that we have been joined by three new organisations as Associate partners, and would like to welcome 1st Computer Services, Dynamite Recruitment, and Veterans Outreach Support on board.


1st Computer Services has been providing outsourced IT support to businesses in Hampshire for 22 years, with more than 600 people trusting them to keep them and the businesses they represent secure, resilient & efficient.

Steve Dimon, Director of 1st Computer Services, said “The team at 1stCS want businesses in and around Portsmouth to be amongst the most resilient, secure & efficient in the country. Businesses that keep client data safe, hold onto their hard-earned cash and avoid brand reputational damage.

“A friendly team of engineers offering pragmatic ‘if we were in your shoes’ advice to all sizes of businesses and through Shaping Portsmouth we look forward to informing, educating and empowering.”

Steve has been an active voluntary stakeholder in our Business Digital Resilience programme over the past few years, this programme aims to empower owners, managers, and employees across the city to make smarter, risk-based, IT decisions.


Dynamite Recruitment are specialists in many key sectors covering both temporary and permanent recruitment.

MD Matt Fox launched the business in 2011 with the vision to create a boutique, quality-focused recruitment provider built on honesty and integrity. One that would offer a tailored service delivered by the best recruitment professionals in the market. Matt worked with a select group of previous colleagues who now hold senior, strategic roles within the business, to define a fresh, personal yet professional brand identity void of industry cliches.

Sophie Quinn, Operations Manager at Dynamite, said “As a business that has been in and served Portsmouth for over 11 years we only wish we had partnered with Shaping Portsmouth sooner! We are so proud to be part of an initiative that truly has the community and the development of our city at heart and look forward to becoming an integral part of the Shaping Portsmouth family.”

Matt and his award-winning team work hard to place new candidates into employment opportunities in Portsmouth as well as work on initiatives such as the Seven Clean Seas Project, for every placement made by Dynamite results in the removal of 1kg of plastic waste from the oceans. This supports our Skills & Employability programme in our Education Pillar and our Business Climate Actions Group in our Business Pillar.


Veterans Outreach Support (VOS) offers Welfare, Wellbeing and Clinical provision to UK Armed Forces & Merchant Navy Veterans, as well as to their spouses/partners.

In addition to running monthly Drop-In facilities, they organise wellbeing activities throughout the month and enable access to bespoke welfare and mental health support.

VOS is an Armed Forces Covenant Employer. They support and encourage service spouses, veterans and reservists in the workplace.

Ian Millen, Chief Executive at VOS, said “Veterans Outreach Support (VOS) has been serving the community in Portsmouth and beyond since 2008 and is delighted to become an associate of Shaping Portsmouth in 2023, our 15th Anniversary year. As a recipient of the Queens Award for Voluntary Service in 2017, and the proud first winner of the Shaping Portsmouth Armed Forces Covenant Award in 2021, VOS aspires to high-quality support for our veteran and close family beneficiaries.

“Like Shaping, our service is focused on making life better for those in our community, working closely with other charities, businesses, the statutory sector and our wonderfully kind-hearted volunteers, without whom so many charities could not operate. We are very much looking forward to playing our role in achieving the aims and objectives of the Shaping community and to continuing to support the people of Portsmouth and beyond.”

Ian Millen and his team from VOS work closely with our Armed Forces Covenant programme. Our vision for this programme is to make Portsmouth the city of the greatest opportunity in the UK for our armed forces communities.

Sam McGrath, Director of Operations & Marketing at Shaping Portsmouth, said “A warm welcome to 1st Computer Services, Dynamite Recruitment, and Veterans Outreach Support for joining our partnership in 2023. Our 3 newest associate partners have already started their journey in supporting our social values, impact and vision for the year ahead.”