Shaping’s Skills & Employability programme expands to support Portsmouth Probation Service clients

Our Skills & Employability programme, which supports each candidate in creating their tailored pathway to employment, and is being supported by all of our College Patrons, HSDC, City of Portsmouth, Fareham, has brought value to the two groups we have been working with so far: Care Leavers and the city’s Homeless population. So, it is with a great deal of excitement that we are now able to offer our support to the Probation Service team and their clients.

We have started working with Peter Woodward, Senior Probation Officer, and his team to offer a pathway to employability to those adults who wish to restart their working careers. We have worked with Peter and his team to include those adults whose misdemeanours are of a lower category so as not to cause any issues with their skills development. Everyone deserves a chance to create a brighter future for themselves and their family and our Skills & Employability programme is designed to do just that.

Peter said “I am delighted that a partnership has formed between the Probation Service and Shaping Portsmouth. This partnership will give wonderful opportunities to People on Probation, who are wanting to gain or return to employment, through the Skills & Employability programme. This will work alongside our other provisions that offer employment support, as Shaping Portsmouth has localised knowledge of employment opportunities in Portsmouth.

“This programme will also help increase individual’s self-responsibility in developing this area of their lives as, unlike a number of other interventions Probation work with, it is completely voluntary, thus will ensure they are motivated to work with Shaping Portsmouth and are taking ownership of their own rehabilitation journey. Lastly, this programme will help People on Probation access support when they complete their order if their desistance journey is not complete. As a result, we will hopefully begin to create an environment of support, following their Probation journey.”

Shaping Portsmouth CEO Stef Nienaltowski said “I am grateful to Peter and his team for their contribution to this programme, and to our wonderful Patron Colleges for their ongoing brilliant support.”