Southsea Community Cinema to open this Christmas time

Southsea Community Cinema is hosting its first season at the Glass House in the Pyramid Centre with its 2020-21 winter program. Along with many other community cinemas across the country who are working successfully with local councils, universities, schools and community groups across the UK, Southsea Community Cinema will deliver world class films and film related activities providing a much desired cultural outlet.

“As a member of the UK Cinema For All organisation, we strive to show films that deal with contemporary issues affecting our community. In addition to showing a broad array of films from around the world enhanced with guest speakers and themed exhibitions, we will be running film making classes for all ages and host local film making competitions.” says Aysegul Epengin, the cinema development manager. She adds “Thank you very much to Portsmouth City Council, BH Live-The Pyramids Centre, BFI FAN, SPACEHIVE, INTO FILMS and PEARL&DEAN for supporting our cinema in these uncertain times.”

Working with local organizations, Southsea Community Cinema programming will continue the tradition of delivering community focused film festivals; Green Festival, LGBTQ+ Film Festival, Short::Cuts Film Festival, Black History Month season. Their opening features, Recovery Festival III highlighting issues facing those individuals in recovery with panel discussions with organizations providing support in Portsmouth to individuals and their families.

Family focused programming will favour rich and educational film examples rather than the run-of-the-mill blockbuster films. Film-making workshops will encourage students to produce their mini stories and share them with the public. At the Glass House they will resume the I AM ONLY HUMAN II class for 17 young adults telling stories on film about how crime in Portsmouth affects them and their peers. The class is being conducted in partnership with the Hampshire Constabulary.

Southsea Community Cinema will also set a regular online film watching program with and kids film club with
Having operated out of the University of Portsmouth for the past several years and following on the success of the Sunset outdoor summer programs, Portsmouth Film Society is one step closer to having a permanent home in Southsea.

All events are open to the public and will be free to NHS staff and people who show a carer identification card.

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