Shaping Portsmouth’s Future Together Action Group Update

In June under the leadership of Stef Nienaltowski our CEO a team from the City’s organisations was built to manage our way forward and to provide a FREE set of training, business and individual support offerings, and the most proactive set of practical tools we can offer to help build a brighter future for our Businesses and Citizens.

Named the Future Together Action Group, chosen deliberately to encapsulate the objectives to DO things for Businesses and People, the group has now made real progress.

The Portsmouth Chamber of Solutions in Partnership with the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce is one of the first examples of the Action Group delivering real value and advice to the City’s small and emerging Businesses. Each two weeks a masterclass is run using zoom technology and a panel of passionate City experts help the attendees with a group session or by using the virtual breakout rooms where they can take individuals into specialist coaching sessions.

The Wellbeing programme that will be led by Gordon Muvuti from the Solent NHS will soon be launched and this along with the Communications project led by Claire Bartlett from PCC are other examples where the Action Group is going to offer real value to both employees and citizens alike.

Another key project for the Action Group is the Digital Enablement project where we have the vision to provide to everyone that wants to improve their Digital skills and associated Wellbeing by knowing how to use technology will get the access and support to achieve this.

The objectives of this programme are:

  • Improve the skill base of those most in need and prepare them for the digital future
  • Improve individual’s employment prospects by helping them become digitally skilled
  • Reduce / Eliminate the isolation of sections of our society by connecting them to others
  • Ensure any Digital access and learning, and use, is NOT based on the ability to pay
  • Provide the right level of ongoing support to our Schools in their provision of learning

These are our first set of projects that will support the overall set of objectives and bring real and lasting support and hope to the City for a long time to come. Please do look out for more updates to these vital projects and if you wish to get involved in any of these voluntary projects we ‘d love to hear from you.

Together we are stronger and more determined that ever to take our City forward into a brighter future.

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