Transport hub set to expand aspirations of the city


The gateway into the city is set to be transformed by creating a new transport hub that supports the successful delivery of ambitious plans for the city and port.

Portsmouth City Council’s planning committee has approved the outline plans that set out principles for developing detailed designs for a new transport hub on the park and ride site, just off the M275. This essential development for the city will support future economic growth, reduce air pollution, and make Portsmouth a more prosperous and pleasant place for people to work, live, study, and visit.

The hub’s creation will support plans for the regeneration of the city centre by offering a direct, affordable and sustainable park and ride bus service for more people. Other potential future developments in the Tipner area would also benefit from the connectivity provided by the hub that links with the walking, rental e-scooter and cycling networks. This will offer seamless travel connections to various locations in the city.

Portsmouth International Port has set out an ‘ambitious sustainable future’ following the launch of its 20-year Masterplan last month, which is expected to generate £357m for the local economy in the next decade. The new transport hub will provide essential, dedicated parking spaces for the port and support the growing demand for cruise parking as cruise travel increases.

The hub’s development will also open up further opportunities to the city, including the potential of creating micro freight consolidation. This is where goods are delivered from many suppliers. Then, when needed, multiple goods are collected as part of a fuller load, often by smaller, more environmentally friendly vehicles, e.g. electric vans and e-cargo bikes, for example, into the city centre, reducing the impact of freight journeys.

The outline plan has established the principles that will be developed into detailed designs. The principals set out the maximum size of the building, the areas that will be landscaped, especially those adjacent to housing to the east and by the M275 to the west and an indication of the access points for both vehicles and people walking and cycling.

The outline plan also shows two potential options for layout, however, the exact details are all to be developed by engaging with residents, business owners and key stakeholders.

The vital feedback from this engagement will help inform the detailed design stage that, if approved by the planning committee later this year, will see work start on creating a transport hub at the gateway into the city in 2023.

Cllr Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, said: “I am thrilled that the outline plans for the new transport hub are approved as there is a clear need for the development of this site to support the economic growth of our city and the ongoing reduction of congestion and air pollution.

“I look forward to hearing feedback as the plans develop so we can work together to create a transport hub that will help to develop a safer, healthier and more prosperous city.”