Tuesday 31st October 2023: Funding and Finance Roadshow – for business innovation and growth

09:30 to 14:00

Funding and finance is often crucial in medium to long term business plans. There are many options available across equity funding, debt funding and grants. Each comes with its own pros and cons and some may be more suitable to your business than others both in terms of the intended use of the money and the chances of securing it.

Through presentations, workshops and Q&A’s, this event will help you to understand your funding and finance options and make an informed decision of what is right for your business.

This event is for UK registered SMEs, either revenue generating or who have an innovative product, process or service to help make the right choices to fit their strategy and give the best chances of success.

Attending this event will give you:

  • A rounded understanding of the funding and finance options available to innovative SMEs
  • Confidence that the options you choose are right for your business strategy
  • Guidance on R&D Tax Relief and how to make robust claims
  • Relevant information to your business through workshops
  • The next stages of where to get further tailored support to help your business grow