Twelve-year-old Tyler Thompson has been named Wightlink’s Most Responsible Angler of 2021.

Every year, as part of the Wightlink in the Community programme, Wightlink gets together with the Vectis Boating and Fishing Club to reward the young fisherman or woman who has conducted themselves best over the course of a year’s angling on Ryde Pier..

This year, Carisbrooke College student Tyler Thompson from Chillerton impressed club officials with his impeccable manners as well as his approach to fishing.

Colin Webb of Vectis Boating and Fishing Club says: “Tyler’s is a very worthy winner of the award – he is easily the most polite 12-year-old I’ve met. He always comes well prepared and is happy to help others who are struggling.

“He fishes in a tidy, methodical way, cares for the environment around him and treats the fish he catches correctly and with respect.

Colin says Tyler had won the award in the face of some strong competition.

“This year we had 55 juniors sign on to our Fishing Frenzy event which was pretty amazing considering the atrocious weather everyone had to endure with howling gales and driving rain for the first three rounds.”

Stuart James, Wightlink’s Marketing and Innovation Director, says: “Once again we are delighted to recognise the exemplary conduct of such an impressive young person.

“Well done Tyler and congratulations to all the young people who have taken part in Vectis Boating and Fishing Club’s activities over the year. We are very happy to continue supporting Colin and his team who make such a valuable contribution to the Island’s community.”