UNILAD and LADbible Founder, Alex Partridge, to speak at biggest well-being seminar to date in Portsmouth!

On Sunday 1st September 2024, Alex Partridge, Founder of UNILAD & LADbible and now host of the chart-topping podcast ADHD Chatter will join 8 other live speakers at Portsmouth Guildhall, for Mindset Maintenance Live.

Head and shoulders shot of Alex Partridge
Alex Partridge

Mindset Maintenance LIVE in its 3rd year is a wellbeing seminar hosted by Mindset Maintenance CIC, a local not for profit organisation in Portsmouth. Founded by the dynamic force that she is, Bianca Brathwaite of Portsmouth, UK, Mindset Maintenance has evolved into a beacon of support since its inception during the early days of lockdown, blossoming into a comprehensive initiative in early 2022.

Bianca’s mission is clear: she wants to empower individuals to seize control of their well-being, fostering resilience to overcome life’s challenges. Drawing from her own experiences, she emphasises the importance of creating a wellbeing toolbox, and being self-aware of personal habits such as alcohol consumption and drug use, social circles, screen time, and sleep patterns—factors often overlooked but with profound impacts on mental health.

Bianca says, “I feel that we can support people through education and empowerment to learn about their own minds and that supporting wellbeing and mental health branches out further than clinical support, but in our own communities. Something I found apparent in my NHS peer research project done earlier this year.”

The much-anticipated event is scheduled to unfold at Portsmouth Guildhall Portsmouth on 1st September from 3:30pm to 9:30pm. Distinguished speakers at Mindset Maintenance LIVE include the candid public figure Alex Partridge, who talks about his journey navigating an ADHD diagnoses and entrepreneurship. Also gracing the stage is Sophie Cartledge who is holding a ‘Hormones on The Blink’ panel with speakers Dr Katie Hodgkinson, Emily Courtney (Mothering and The Menopause) and Paula Rastrick, along with other keynote speakers Luke Beastall, Mark Gaizley and Hannah Youell who will be covering topics such as The Power of Community and Inclusive wellbeing for all.

The event will be hosted by Hannah Murray, Award Winning Wellbeing Coach, Podcaster and Qualified Clinical professional for over a decade based in Portsmouth.

Hannah adds; “The Mental health crisis is at a critical point and this LIVE seminar is going to provide a wealth of support to so many. As the clinic advisor for MM, I am so honoured to be hosting this year in my home City. Events like this are important in showcasing the reality we are all experiencing; many of us are affected by the strains of life and want to gain support to overcome the challenges, which can be a hard arena to navigate.”

Attendees are promised an evening of relatable education, inspiration, and empowerment. Tickets, priced currently at £12.95, are available to purchase until 28th August. Concession rates and corporate offers available, contact bianca@mindsetmaintenance.co.uk

For those seeking education, support and empowerment, Mindset Maintenance LIVE promises an evening of inspiration, connection, and the tools needed to build a robust well-being toolbox.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.mindset-maintenance.co.uk.

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